Sunday, June 13, 2010

June 14, 2010 News


Can it really be three years since I started it in May 2007? Apparently! Hope you like our "fresh, new look"!

Oh, and Happy Flag Day!


This from Jewish Journal's Danielle Berrin, via email, who says she's…:

… no longer handling Circuit in order to focus more on my beat…

She says to use this address for Circuit submissions: circuit@

A recent New York Times INTERVIEW with new Town & Country Editor in Chief Stephen Drucker suggests some changes at the magazine.

Thanks to Lucy Pollak for reporting that Ernio Hernandez is leaving Playbill; his replacement is Matt Blank. = mblank

Media Bistro reports these LA Times metro writer assignment changes:

Phil Willon will become a roving state reporter based in Riverside, primarily covering the Inland Empire counties. Riverside and San Bernardino have always provided fertile ground for stories.

Patrick McDonnell will move to City Hall, bringing reporting skills honed over many years and several continents to bear on one of our most important beats.

Details HERE.

From Ad Age:

The Wall Street Journal is expanding again, this time with an additional weekly section of leisure and lifestyle content that will build out the nearly 5-year-old Saturday edition. The new section, for which former Domino magazine editor in chief Deborah Needleman is serving as a consultant, is slated to appear this fall.

"It's a newspaper section but with quite a magazine-y sensibility," Ms. Needleman said.

More info HERE.