Friday, December 21, 2007

December 21, 2007 News (sorry, thought at first it was 12/20)


Ginny Chien, late of Variety and Angeleno, joins the LA Times magazine as style editor. More magazine staffers are named in a memo on the Times' Readers Representatibe blog here.


Thanks so much to Lucy Pollak (Lucy Pollak Public Relations) for passing along this note from new LA Parent Calendar Editor Michael Berick (

I am gathering up listings for the February issue. I am looking for family-friendly plays that will be running (whether opening or on-going) during February. The magazine covers LA county, Orange County, Ventura County, The Valleys: San Fernando, San Gabriel, Conejo, Santa Clarita and Big Bear. The plays should be appropriate for Middle School/Junior High students or younger.

The other information I need is:
The name of the event,
The location and venue address
The ticket cost and how to get tickets
The phone number
The appropriate age range
And a short description of the event.

My deadline is the end of December


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

December 19, 2007 News


What a shame – Michael is leaving the Hollywood Reporter (today's his last day) after running the "About Town" page for more years than I can remember. He reports that his replacement is Michelle Grabicki, who can be reached at Good luck, Michael – will miss you!


LA Observed has the LA Times' latest internal memo announcing a couple of staffing changes, including Food Editor Leslie Brenner moving to edit the Times magazine (can't remember what they're calling it this month), while Deputy Features Editor Michalene Busico will "continue to guide" Food in the meantime "with the able assistance of Susan La Tempa and Betty Hallock," says the memo.

Add this from Fishbowl L.A.
Sherry Stern is also moving to the magazine, as acting managing editor, but will remain as a deputy editor of Features, so that uninspired dreariness can continue throughout the entire paper, with no interruptions.
With regard to that comment, why is the Calendar section constantly filled with unrelated-to-L.A. features by wire service writers? I ask you, is there not enough to cover in this city? By way of an answer to my own question, did you happen to see that lovely story on the Harmony Project, "a nonprofit group in Los Angeles that offers extensive classical musical training to 500 people ages 6 to 18 from disadvantaged families"? It was terrific! Where did it appear? No, not in Calendar. It was in the California section, which is fine -- but see my point in the first sentence of this paragraph.

To conclude my rant about the Times, I'll just say that its Editorial Staff page, which says "Last update: July 31, 2007," needs someone's attention RIGHT AWAY.


LA Observed reports that Editor Kit Rachlis is taking a four-month "book leave" starting January 2, and also that LA Times writer Richard E. Meyer is joining the magazine as senior editor.


Apparently the Times/Tribune is planning to publish a print version of Metromix along with its web site. Fishbowl L.A. has an interview with its new art director.



Sunday, December 16, 2007

December 17, 2007 News


… with this parting note:

It is with a certain amount of sadness that I announce my departure from L.A. CityBeat. I have accepted a position with Metromix L.A., a joint online and print endeavor between the Tribune Company and L.A. Times devoted to local arts and entertainment events for the 18-34 demo.

The new CityBeat arts editor has not yet been named. In the interim, pitches for arts features should be directed to Steve Appleford, Editor,

Pitches for film reviews should be directed to Andy Klein, Film Editor,

Pitches for theater reviews should be directed to Don Shirley, Theater Critic,

Submissions for calendar listings and “7 Days in L.A.” should be directed to Alfred Lee, Calendar Editor,

Pitches for the news section should be directed to Alan Mittelstaedt, News Editor,

As one of the founding editorial members of CityBeat, it has been my great honor to be a part of such a smart and lively publication all these years. And it was my great pleasure to meet each of you, if only through email. Thank you for all the good work that you do, and for supporting this little paper that could. I wish every one of you a joyous holiday and a brilliant new year.

Her last day was Friday.


Noticed her name in the December masthead as deputy editor. She left LA Weekly in late October.


They're detailed in a memo featured on UNC's journalism weblog here. More from here.


LA Observed reports that Weekend Editor is Bettie Rinehart, who will – as of January 24 -- "help to create a new kind of on the weekends by focusing on special features and projects and also guiding our weekend staff when news breaks to get us strongly and quickly off the ground," according to the memo from Executive Editor Meredith Artley, which LA Observed has in full. Read it for additional info about Tony Pierce's and Veronique de Turenne's new roles there.


LA Observed quotes from an interesting piece on a Long Beach-based blog called about how the Press Telegram is losing its local identity due to consolidation of the Daily News-Daily Breeze-Pasadena Star News, et al group of papers. Sounds like Daily Breeze Editor Phillip Sanfield could use some good PR counsel. Read LA Observed's report here, and the original DistrictWeekly story here.


Check out's "The Year in Media Errors and Corrections" for a good read.


On March 7, USA Today launches Open Air, a quarterly "active lifestyle magazine" that will be distributed in the newspaper's Friday edition. Click here for more details and a link to the 2008 editorial calendar.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

December 12, 2007 News


He was, of course, already co-editor. Congratulations!


Thanks to Lucy Pollak for passing this along… as of December 14, Suzy Evans is the new Theater/Arts Editor for the Daily Bruin's winter and spring quarters, taking the place of Laura Picklesimer.

Daily Bruin Music Editor remains Alex LaRue (

The Bruin will not be publishing for the next three weeks of winter break.


LA Observed has the memo about the LA Times re-establishing several regional bureaus, but basically John Mitchell is heading "South county," Jennifer Oldham is running the Valley, and Hector Beccera is in charge of "East county." Take the link for more info.


From Lisa Fernandez, account manager:
As you may know, The Place - Southern California's Visitor Guides - publishes a monthly Special Events Calendar and Theatre Openings editorial in each of our three editions. It's an easy way for us to keep our visitors on the pulse of what's going on in our area & gives you the opportunity to brag a little about the great things going on over there.

So...if you have a Los Angeles, Orange County or San Diego event or performance you would like us to highlight, please send us your press releases and all other pertinent information. Feel free to send such information via email or standard mail. We'd love to hear from you.

And it isn't even tough to do so. We have room for approximately 6 - 8 items and about 6 - 8 photos each in LA, OC and SD edition. For publication purposes, all photos must be at 300dpi, and we request such images be sent electronically as JPEGs. We make no guarantee to include your event, but will make every possible effort to do so.

Deadline for the monthly magazine is the 5th of the prior month. Submit to

Thanks very much to LAInc's Carol Martinez for alerting us to this.

Monday, December 3, 2007

December 3, 2007 News


From Brenda…

Today is my last day as calendar editor for LA Parent Magazine. It's been a great pleasure to work with all of you these past four years. Please keep my name on your media lists as I do freelance for other local publications -- including the LA Times -- so I like to know what's going on! Please update your lists with this address for me:
The L.A. Parent office operator says to send calendar items to editor Carolyn Graham ( for now.


He'll move in a few weeks to run the Times' blogs. Good interview with him about it all HERE.


One of this blog's readers, a former TV publicist, is available for temporary and part-time employment. She's a writer and is experienced in all phases of publicity, with expertise in beauty, fashion, magazines and press events. Contact

Monday, November 26, 2007

November 27, 2007 News


Newly ensconced in the Guide Editor position at Los Angeles Magazine is Sarah Durham Wilson, who needs February submissions by Wednesday at noon. She's replacing Gia Gittleson, of course, and also Michael Mullen, who did this job temporarily in addition to his other work at the magazine.

The new Sarah Wilson is not to be confused with the OTHER Sara (no H) Wilson, who is LA Mag's associate editor.

Sarah's email AS OF WEDNESDAY is but it is for today (Tuesday) only. (No confusion, here, people.)

Anyway, welcome Sarah!


Thanks to Brenda Rees for passing along this email from Jennifer Caterino…

Please excuse the mass email. I wanted to let you know that after more than two rewarding years as editor in chief of FORM / LA Architect magazines, I have moved to the California Real Estate Journal. Please update your contact information accordingly. The Balcony Press/Form Mag email addresses will no longer work starting Monday, November 19.

Jennifer Caterino, Managing Editor
California Real Estate Journal
915 East First Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012
213-229-5359 p
213-229-5382 f


Ryan Gierach, editor of, was nice enough to write with this information:

We've been blessed to have been in business and publishing for over two years now, and have, in that time, supplanted any other news resource for the city [West Hollywood]. I hope you'll check out our extensive (largest I can find locally) Things To Do page in the Arts & Entertainment Section of the paper. I'm hoping you'll share word of it with those who subscribe to/read your blog.

More than happy to. Here's where to reach him:

Monday, November 12, 2007

November 13, 2007 News


What do these songs have in common – "If I Had A Hammer," "Turn, Turn, Turn," and "Where Have All The Flowers Gone"?

If you're like me, you know them by heart, back and forth, up and down. But I didn't realize they'd all been written by Pete Seeger, whose inspiring life is told in a fantastic documentary I saw this last weekend, Pete Seeger: The Power of Song. (No, they're not my client.)

The fact that he wrote those songs doesn't even begin to impart the significance of Seeger's inspiring life or the movie's power and timeliness, but here's a good description from a web site I found

"One of the legends of American music, Pete Seeger was the architect of the folk revival… An outspoken advocate of peace, unionism, civil rights and ecology, he was targeted by the Communist witch hunt of the 1950s and was picketed, protested, blacklisted, and, despite his enormous popularity, banned from television for more than 17 years. With a combination of never-before-seen archival footage, Seeger's own personal films, and interviews with musicians like Joan Baez, Bonnie Raitt, Bruce Springsteen, Natalie Maines, and Peter, Paul and Mary, this new documentary paints an intimate portrait of an icon who has profoundly influenced the fabric of American music."

They forgot to mention (interviews with) Bob Dylan, Arlo Guthrie, Tom Paxton, and non musicians like Tommy Smothers and many more.

Check it out here, and RUN to see this film. Really. Immediately. Take your kids, too. Go on, now!


… with the wonderful Julie Riggott (, late of Pasadena Weekly. She says, "I'll still be doing some freelance writing about Pasadena-area arts too."


As a P.S. to my 11/8 post about the Westside Chronicle's demise and Marci Weiner's new position, she writes with additional info:

"I have been Society Editor for Celeb Staff for almost a year - and in addition am now editor in chief of Celeb Life magazine. Both national publications are on the newstands and also online. Also write a weekly column for Movieweb. I, too, am sorry about the demise of Westside Chronicle. It was good local newspaper and is a sign of the times. However, as you can see am very busy indeed!"


John Lippman replaces the previously departed Jim Bates as Business section deputy editor, entertainment.

Megan Garvey takes over the morning assignment editor job from Mary MacVean, who continues to cover state, regional and local news for the Times web site.


The L.A. Times' ongoing coverage of Iraq-and-other-war veterans has been magnificent in keeping the personal, human toll of the war front and center. For a wrenching but terrific read, check out Luis Sinco's story of his professional and personal involvement with one of the casulaties. There's video and photos too.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

November 8, 2007 News


This from

Anne Midgette, free-lance classical music critic, feature writer and reporter for The New York Times, is to step in for Tim Page as chief classical music critic at The Washington Post, starting in January. Page is taking a leave of absence to be a visiting professor at the University of Southern California. The Post has been interviewing potential successors for the last several months.

More here.


Elsa Bertet has left and according to the news desk, they're no longer doing "Get A Life" calendar listings.

Also, for your mailing lists, V Page and Stylephile Editor Mia McNiece is one and the same as Mia Sulpor (following her marriage).


Katie McCarthy is now Where Magazine's Editorial Assistant, replacing Christina Xenos who now runs the web site as web manager. Put Christina on your shorter-lead lists for the site's "Weekly Hot Tips" section.

According to, the Copley News Service bureau in Los Angeles closes at the end of the year.

New calendar editor (and assistant editor) at Life After 50 is Claire Yezbak Fadden ( Carl Kozlowski, who had been handling the Life After 50 calendar chores, is no longer doing so, but he's still staff reporter at Pasadena Weekly.

Now that the Westside Chronicle is defunct, society writer Marci Weiner has a new gig as society editor with Celeb Staff, an, um, shall we say unusual magazine with offices here and in New York. Check out her "Celebs For a Cause" column here. She's also executive editor for its online offshoot, Celeb Life (not sure of its URL, though).

Thursday, November 1, 2007

November 1, 2007 News


P.J. Ochlan, regarding his "Arts Reports," says:
"Still working out scheduling details on the features. I’ll be running them on an interview by interview basis as opposed to a fixed position. There will be more coverage with each guest, but fewer guests – so I’ll probably be focusing on only the biggest names with less attention on classical music. Definitely more traditional celebs. Classical celebs maybe and rarely, but not for CD releases."
He also said,
"Keep in mind that I’m also hosting the public affairs show on all three stations [Go Country, KGIL AM and KKJZ FM], and need guests for long-form interviews there as well."
Who qualifies?

"As long as it’s essentially non-commercial and the guest has enough to talk about. I need at least 30 mins. with each guest."


The contact for Michael Jackson's new KGIL talk fest is none other than Jackson's long-time produer Lyle Gregory. Welcome back, guy!


LA Times Magazine Senior Editor Martin Smith leaves to join Orange Coast Magazine November 19 as editor. Read the release here. Orange Coast was bought in July by the same company that owns Los Angeles Magazine and Tu Ciudad Los Angeles, among others.


Conde Nast publishes Movies Rock, which according to this LA Times story is "a magazine dedicated to the intersection of pop music and moviemaking… [a] custom publishing supplement that will be mailed to about 16 million subscribers of 14 CondĂ© Nast magazines -- such as Vanity Fair, Vogue and GQ -- beginning Nov. 1."


I guess there's something for everyone and various combinations thereof. Can't say that I've ever heard of this magazine, Garden and Gun, but it has announced a new editor: Sid Evans.


David Masello leaves Country Living to join Town & Country Nov. 5 as senior editor. He'll cover men's fashion and edit the In the Country and Arts & Culture sections.



Publicist Calls It Quits
Compounding her problems, [Heather] Mills – who's still engaged in a messy divorce from the former Beatle – has been dropped by her publicist, Phil Hall. He confirms that the two parted ways Oct. 30, on the eve of her press tour. As Hall tells PEOPLE, "It doesn't sit [well] with our company when one of our clients is attacking newspapers while we are trying to build relationships."

You go, Phil!


Lots of PR folks are on Wired Editor Chris Anderson's "Outlook blocked" list. Read it and weep if it's you.


Have to say it – now that I've returned to L.A. and have seen the Times' new Thursday Guide section, I really like it in terms of client placement opportunities. It's got so much more variety to its listings section (albeit not as many traditional listings, which I know is driving one of my clients over the edge; I haven't yet pulled a Phil Hall, but I'm close).

Anyway, some of the content escapes traditional LA Times writing style vapidity, including the "Underrated/Overrated" column, particularly this entry from a week ago:

The founder and head chef of downtown's celebrated Patina Restaurant is indeed a great cook, but where does he get off inviting "the public" to a $425 per-person prix fixe dinner (Nov. 5 at Patina)? What's he serving? Stem cells cooked in a cash-burning oven? Somewhere in France, Marie Antoinette's head just exploded.

Hey, it's good to be back home again.

Friday, October 19, 2007

October 19, 2007 News


Making fun of the LA Times is sometimes just too easy, but this just has to be shared. Who the heck is editing that paper??


It’s Michael Mullen, new Guide editor.


Alexis Johnson ( replaces Lyndsey Saul as calendar editor. For party coverage, pitch Editor-At-Large Jenn Ball (, who is also editor of Front Desk.


This press release from KCET introduces the “w.t.” (working title, they explain) for a show that replaces “Life & Times” at KCET next year.


I’m passing this on from the great Martin Perlich at KCSN as they start their pledge drive. He writes, in part:

…ARTS & ROOTS RADIO, which approaches music as Art as opposed to Commerce. Whether it's "New Music" - from Adams to Zappa, Ancient Music - or Bluegrass, KCSN offers a unique blend of music: cutting-edge or accessible; challenging or relaxing… We also offer New Releases on The Audition Booth (weekdays 2:00-3:00); Budget CDs on Cost-Conscious Classix (weekdays 3-4); and what we hope you'll agree are worthy interviews on ARF!! - ARTS & ROOTS FORUM (weekdays 4:00-4:30) as well The KLCSN Opera House with Bill Toutant and much, much more… since 90% of our Operating Budget comes from our devoted Membership, we are once again asking for your support.

Please call now 800.795.5276 or on-line Please give what you can!”

Hear, hear!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

October 16, 2007 News


Media Bistro has it – get out your databases….


Ben Bloch writes, “I'm responsible for a column for LA Confidential Magazine that summarizes all of the events and best things to do in Southern California (and short weekend trips/travel/locations elsewhere - Vegas, NY, Northern Cal, tropical locations, etc.). I also do some day of/post coverage of events.”

Contact info:
Ben Bloch
LA Confidential Magazine
Phone 323-251-4333
Fax 323-443-3501
1223 Wilshire Blvd, #594
Santa Monica, CA 90403

Thanks to the lovely Libby Huebner for initially bringing this to my attention.

Monday, October 15, 2007

October 15, 2007 News


Happily, P.J. Ochlan reports that his wonderful “Arts Reports” interviews will continue at KMZT AM 1260 (soon to be called KGIL again) despite the station’s switch to a daytime news-talk/evening adults standards format on October 29. Read all about the changes in this LA Times piece today. K-Mozart will be available only on the secondary channel at 105.1 FM to listeners with HD radio receivers.


Westside Chronicle, RIP. Too bad., um, chronicles the demise.

Hadn’t previously known of, which describes itself as “a community-based, community-driven news and information source… This cyber newspaper has been a vital public forum, available for all and sundry to use to express their views.” Contact there is


LA Philharmonic PR Director Adam Crane, one of the nicest guys in the world, is looking for a top-flight replacement for the un-replaceable Rachelle Roe, who is (sob) departing LA to grace the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra as its director of public affairs. Anyway, if you know someone really terrific, check out the opportunity to be the Phil’s new associate director of public relations here.


The LA Times has re-christened its Sunday magazine eponymously, discarding the “West” title of the last two years. I'd be happy to have them call it "Green Eggs and Spam" if only the content would improve. Pardon my crankiness -- it's just that when I'm in New York and I'm reading the NYT daily, I spend a lot more time wondering why the LAT can't run the kind of interesting features I'm seeing here.

Curiously, according to a memo seen by LA Observed, the newly renamed Los Angeles Times Magazine is looking to replace (?) or in any case hire a bunch of new folks to write it, including an editor, features editor, style editor and more. Know anyone who’s interested? Get in touch with Consulting Editor Lennie LaGuire.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

October 11, 2007 News

Yikes, I try to take a vacation and look what goes down…

From LA Observed, an LA Times job posting seeking just about anyone to put together listings for their new Guide section. Better hurry, folks, it’s supposed to debut on October 18!


Check out this info, courtesy of LA Observed again, bless them (him).

Also, I’m told Gretta Parkinson has replaced the departed Selena Templeton as the contact for the Reporter’s calendar.

Thanks for all the nice emails and new mailing list sign-ups recently! Still on semi-vacation, but more soon if I hear about something.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

September 28, 2007 News


I had an annoying experience with a KABC TV News reporter recently when she came to interview a celeb for Eyewitness News at one of my client's events. Among her, uh, questionable and certainly unprofessional actions were bringing her mother along ("she's my producer"), asking for tickets to the performance on the spot for both of them, demanding to be allowed into the venue because they were both hungry and needed to eat, behaving inappropriately aggressively toward another artist's representative to try to get him to grant a filming request, and on and on. (The cameraman, on the other hand, was highly professionally).

Anyway, I thought that was bad, but here's another story from photographer Daniel Evans' blog about a clueless KCBS/KCAL reporter that pretty much tops mine in terms of things that count in the long run.

Thanks to LA Observed for pointing out this story.


Ginny Chien departed Angeleno earlier this month, and an auto-reply email says to contact Editor Degen Pener for celeb pitches ( and Gary Baum ("he'll point you in the right direction" for everything else) (


PR Media Moves is going on semi-vacation for a few weeks, although I'll post if there's urgent news. Remember to send any tips my way:

Friday, September 21, 2007's Laura Repstad moves to on Monday, continuing "to cover film and celebrity," she says, "so let me know what you and your clients are up to." Reach her at 5670 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 500, Los Angeles, CA 90036.

Her email directs Variety pitches for the following to the following:

Stylephile: Mia McNiece:

Calendar: Elsa Bertet:

Pushy Questions: Erin Maxwell: or Byron Perry:



Editor-in-Chief Oscar Garza ( oversees magazine development and handles cultural arts, entertainment, politics and current affairs, with about three months lead time.

Deputy Editor/Style Editor is Anna Lisa Raya ( gets anything fashion related. She also manages the dining upfront sections (the later titled El Centro, which covers local tidbits, personalities and new products).

Music is handled by Staff Writer Dennis Romero ( and Garza.

Calendar listings and online features should be submitted to Submit 12 weeks out for the magazine and 3 weeks ahead for the online calendar.

Thanks to Director of Marketing and Promotions Michael Montanez for the info, which also included this from him: "Our publication is the second largest magazine in town with a readership of 345,000, and THE largest Latino consumer lifestyle glossy in L.A. The publication is written completely in English, but features personalities and stories that remain relevant to the Latino community. I share this because not too many publicists will understand the magnitude of the magazine and will often start cold calling without researching the publication. I hope this helps."



DailyCandy introduces DailyCandyKids in New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.


Next September, the Wall Street Journal debuts "Pursuits," a monthly lifestyle magazine. Read all about it here.


The fabled New York Times web site opens to all readers, not just subscribers, and its archives from 1987 to the present are now available without charge, as are those from 1851 to 1922, which are in the public domain. According to this story, there will be charges for some material from the period 1923 to 1986, but some will be free. No explanation as to why THAT period of time remains cone-of-silenced.


KBIG FM becomes "104.3 MY fm," and according to this story is playing a mix of contemporary adult hits by artists such as Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake, Kelly Clarkson, John Mayer, Shakira, Bon Jovi and Christina Aguilera. Charlie Tuna is no longer hosting the morning show.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

September 13, 2007 News

LA Observed gets it… more plain vanilla from the LA Newspaper Group as the Daily News, Daily Breeze and Long Beach Press Telegram are planning to share NEWS content pages now (not just in their features sections). Read between the lines in this announcement naming Judi Erickson as city editor. The memo reads, "She succeeds Barbara Jones who is coordinating content with our sister MediaNews papers and will play a key content role in the efforts to develop and put together the common pages we'll soon be producing with the Breeze and Long Beach."


As I speculated a few weeks ago, Enid Portuquez has left, but instead of joining Image, as I'd heard, she's an online producer for the calendarlive site focusing on shopping and possibly contributing to the newpaper as well.


Am I the only one who's wondering why the LA Times gave Sandy Banks another opportunity to be a columnist? She's in the California section this time, rather than in what was called View where she was the last time around. Check this out – in the newspaper edition and on the website "Discussion" section for her Tuesday column about life span, it says, "Sandy wants readers to share their stories about what you are doing to buck the law of average and extend your life. Power walking? Praying? Eating broccoli? Share your thoughts."

Are they kidding??? Why is this in the California section, among other problems? Hope no one can hear me rolling my eyes.

Maybe David Lauter will have an answer in October when he becomes California editor, responsible for news coverage of the state, according to LA Observed.


Carly Mayberry is now the Hollywood Reporter's film reporter covering Paramount and DreamWorks. (See my earlier report below about Leslie Simmons, who's covering Fox and Sony.)

Friday, September 7, 2007

September 7, 2007 News

In the "every publicist's nightmare" department, I thought this blog piece titled "Eight Warning Signs That a Reporter Plans to Flip the Script" was interesting, so I'm passing the link along.


Lea Lion, who recently left the Los Angeles Downtown News, is now covering performing arts for what she says is "the Los Angeles Times' forthcoming arts website, The Guide." She adds, "Please add my name to your press list and keep me updated on upcoming concerts/shows/events/etc." (Thanks to the ever-prolific Libby Huebner for this info, and the THR and yourLA stuff below.)

No replacement for Lea yet at the Downtown News, so pitch editor Jon Regardie, who I'm told passes along calendar and entertainment stuff to freelancers for that kind of coverage.


Media Bistro has this story (with LA Times memo) about writers/reporters filling the LA Times' new "web deputy" positions. The memo describes "key people [who] will serve as the glue between the [newspaper and the web site], helping reporters and editors at the paper develop more and better content for" Names are named, so click on the link to read all about it.

Janet Clayton, veteran LA Times staffer most recently Asst. ME for local and state news, turned in her resignation yesterday.

I can't even think of a comment about this that would be any more [fill in your own word here] than the actual story, so I'll just pass along LA Biz Observed's story headlined "The LA Times Smells."


The ever-delightful Kenny Werther alerted us to The Advocate's new-ish address: 6380 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1400, Los Angeles, CA 90048; phone is (323) 852-7200, fax is (323) 852-7264.


THR ESQ writer Leslie Simmons thought she was out of a job when the online legal arm of The Hollywood Reporter folded recently, but she has now announced that she's staying on at the Reporter as a film/legal reporter. According to an email, "My duties as a legal reporter will remain somewhat the same, but scaled back I believe. As a film reporter, I am covering Sony Pictures and Fox Studios. It’s a new beat for me so I’m looking for sources from EVERYWHERE. So, if you have any connections or advice with either studio, producers, agents, then 'Let’s do lunch,' as they say!" You can reach her at 323 525-2278.


Patt Morrison's KPCC 89.3 FM show expands to two hours starting Monday.


New contact KNBC TV's yourLA is:
Ruthie Wyatt
818-840-2608 - fax
3000 West Alameda Avenue
Suite 2351
Burbank, CA 91523

An email with this update says, "PLEASE SEND HER ALL PITCHES...SEGMENT IDEAS...HOSTS...EVERYTHING!!" and notes that the show is going on hiatus until October 1.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

August 31, 2007 News

LA Times fashion critic Booth Moore is named editor of the Image (fashion) section, replacing departing Rose Apodaca, who launched the section as consulting editor. Image goes weekly on Sundays beginning September 9. Here's their press release with additional contacts, some of which I'd reported previously. Don't see's Enid Portuguez on that list – I read elsewhere that she was joining the Image staff, but she still has an active voice mail line at, and the LA Times operator doesn't have her on their Image section phone roster.


Frontiers and InLosAngeles magazines, both now owned by the same company, have consolidated offices at 5657 Wilshire Blvd., 5th Floor, LA 90036,
Frontiers' phone/fax numbers are: 323.930.3220, 323.857.0578 (editorial fax). In Los Angeles's phone/fax numbers are: 323.848.2200, 323.848.2058 (fax). Contact Editor-in-Chief Jeremy Kinser at Frontiers, and associate editors Christopher Cappiello and John Hobbs at In Los Angeles. Thanks to the fabulous Kenny Werther for this.


The Wall Street Journal changes the name of Pursuits, its Saturday leisure section, to Weekend Journal, same as its Friday section. According to this New York Times story, Tom Weber continues as editor of the Saturday section, reporting to Michael W. Miller, a deputy managing editor. Eben Shapiro oversees Friday’s Weekend Journal, also reporting to Miller.

Friday, August 24, 2007

August 24, 2007 News

Hot off the LA Times' advertising department presses, courtesy of my awesome associate Libby Huebner, and I quote:
Beginning on October 18th, our weekly Thursday Calendar will print in two separate sections!

Section 1 will become a broadsheet, and continue to be SoCal's #1 source for movies and television.

Section 2 will remain a tab, called Calendar/The Guide, and give our readers a detailed look at the weekend ahead, including more coverage of concerts, theatres, clubs and art galleries! Help them decide what to do and where to go! Best of all, new zoning options will allow you to deliver your message to customers close to home.

Plus, Calendar/The Guide online joins the family beginning in January, 2008."

Christine Richard joins Sunset Magazine as a senior editor covering travel, replacing Abigail Peterson. Amy Wolf is still Sunset's travel editor.


Angeleno Assistant Editor Lyndsey Saul is the current contact for calendar submissions.

__________________________ Editor-in-Chief Jason Middleton comments at LA Observed about Leslie Balla's "RIP" post about his site.

Possibly responding to my request, Middleton had the page of editorial contacts for updated to delete names of folks no longer there (just about everyone except him), but strangely, Enid Portuguez is still listed. Reportedly, she has moved to the LA Times' Image section.


Also now at the Times' Image section is Emili Vesilind, who was West Coast retail editor of Women’s Wear Daily and previously editor of Times-Mirror's defunct Distinction Magazine.


New at is Mike Jones, managing editor, film festivals, overseeing the web site's film festival coverage and maintaining the Fest Central blog.


FishbowlLA has this about possible changes at The Hollywood Reporter.

We know for sure from LA Observed that The Hollywood Reporter, ESQ. has been folded into its online sister publication,, and several staffers were let go.


LA Observed also got the memo announcing that Geoff Mohan is the LA Times' new environment editor, replacing Frank Clifford, who took the buyout.


Thanks again to my ultra-esteemed colleague Libby Huebner for passing this tip along from KidsLA Magazine, whose premier issue arrives this winter. According to a press release,

"The winter edition focuses on the wonders of the winter season, and especially Holiday traditions. KidsLA Magazine is published quarterly, and is geared towards upper income families with children ages 4 – 12, living in the greater Los Angeles area. KidsLA Magazine wants to hear about any Winter/Holiday events and activities being held from December 2007 through February 2008. The magazine will also have a Social Scene section for kid’s events, and is looking for any photos from such events. Deadline: October 1, 2007. Please send announcements/photos highlighting event details to:
Jemma Gafford, Editor-In-Chief,"


What the….? If you want to be depressed about ever-shrinking outlets for arts coverage – classical music in particular – read OC Register Classical Music Critic Tim Mangan's blog post from a week or so ago. Thanks to the incredible Rachelle Roe for bringing this to my attention.


We'll end on an up note, though. Congratulations to erstwhile LA Times Kid's Page Editor Mary Ellen Walker, who is Descanso Gardens's new public relations manager, replacing the retired Avery Econome.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

August 15, 2007 News

Elisa Jacobs leaves her job as music and arts editor at the web site on Friday to move to as a features writer. She'll also be doing free-lance music writing (concert previews, concert reviews, CD reviews, interviews) for, flavorpill LA,, and more. Contact her here: Thanks to my highly esteemed colleague and great pal Rachelle Roe for the tip!

Eater LA Editor Leslie Balla, who helped launch, calls it "a good site gone bad" in a post today.


Another valued colleague (how many synonyms are there for "esteemed"?), Jenine Baines, passed on word that Robert Sandla is SYMPHONY Magazine's new editor in chief, succeeding Rebecca Winzenried.


Hollywood Reporter film reporter Tatiana Siegel heads up Wilshire a bit to join Variety.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

August 10, 2007 News

Entertainment/calendar writer Lea Lion leaves the Downtown News to cover entertainment for No replacement for her as of yesterday.


LA Observed reports that the copy desk for the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, Pasadena Star-News and Whittier Daily News is going to the San Bernardino offices where its staff will be combined with the desk that puts out the San Bernardino Sun and Inland Valley Daily Bulletin.

"This means, of course, that a big swath of the news in Los Angeles County will be handled by editors sitting in another county. At least it's not India," notes L.A. Observed editor Kevin Roderick, referring to headlines made by, which staged a brilliant publicity coup by announcing its search in India for reporters to handle local (here) coverage.

One more thing. Every writer I've talked to from the LA Newspaper Group urges any and all of us frustrated by the one-size-fits-all coverage in the new features section to make some noise about it. After all, the comics fans got some changes made. Editor Ron Kaye's email is


Which reminds me… I got an email from PasadenaNow editor James Macpherson a few weeks back suggesting that in light of the limited local coverage resulting from the LA Newspaper Group's consolidations we PR types could "pitch Pasadena Now and be assured that your Pasadena-area, arts and culture pr will be published. True, we are 100% online -- but also true, we have 50% of the Star-News' readership online (growing dramatically), our Events calendar is second to none (for Pasadena events), and we issue a weekly e!Pasadena e-newsletter which goes to 13,650 locals. So, please check us out. Updated daily 7 days a week. In our 3rd year. 63,000 uniques monthly. Editor, James Macpherson, Arts & Entertainment editor, Candice Merrill."


Nikki Finke says that Broadcasting & Cable layoffs include editor Max Robins and Los Angeles co-bureau chief Jim Benson. Here's the official announcement with some details.


At the LA Times, new Film Editor Tim Swanson arrives in September, and Business section Deputy Editor/Entertainment James Bates changes teams in a few weeks when he'll join Sitrick and Company.


Check out Dana Goodyear's new-ish Postcard from Los Angeles blog on the New Yorker's web site.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

August 3, 2007 News

Variety staffer Laura Repstad replaces style editor Monica Corcoran, who joins the LA Times as Image section editor. Repstad continues to handle the "Get A Life" and "Pushy Questions For…" columns as well as taking over Corcoran's "Stylephile" duties.


Beginning Monday, KNX Newsradio discontinues its three-hour "Money 101" show, and the new daytime news/anchor lineup is:

Dave Williams and Vicky Moore 5 – 9 a.m.
Tom Haule and Linda Nunez 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.
KNX Business Hour with Frank Mottek 1 – 2 p.m.
Tom Haule 2 – 3 p.m.
Jim Thornton and Diane Thompson 3 – 7 p.m.
Larry Van Nuys 7 p.m. – 12 a.m.
Jack Salvatore 12 – 5 a.m.

According to a memo from Programming VP David Hall, "Bob will do morning drive business reporting plus the Money 101 features. We will be integrating these features with web programming even more."


Reporter Kathleen Nye Flynn, who left the Downtown News to get her master's at Columbia, is replaced by former LA Independent reporter Anna Scott.


Congratulations to Elizabeth Guider, named Hollywood Reporter's new editor earlier this week. She had been at Variety for 18 years, most recently as editor at large. Here's the story.


On a sadder note, this blog post details the elimination of Daily News "zone coverage" of Antelope Valley and Santa Clarita. Still in flux is who's who and where in these bureaus.


C Magazine moves uptown about four blocks, to 1433 6th Street in Santa Monica (zip code remains 90401, and phone number is still 310.393.3800).


LA Times hires Tim Swanson as film editor starting in September, reporting to Entertainment Editor Betsey Sharkey. He's been variously with Portfolio, Premiere and Variety.

Also, the Times updated its staff list again on July 31. That makes twice in one month, a possibly historic and unprecedented occurrence!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

July 30, 2007 News

Boo hoo! Say goodbye to Gia Gittleson, LA Magazine's effervescent Senior Editor/Guide Editor, who departs her position September 28 for nursing school.


Spoke with Daisy Ruiz, producer of a new show called "Con Chile y Limon" for Spanish-language KWHY TV Channel 22. Airing at 5:30 p.m. weekdays, it spotlights "cool and interesting things to do in and around Los Angeles." She's looking for kid/family-friendly stuff and general ideas as well. "It doesn't have to be Latino-oriented, but if it is, all the better," she says. KWHY is owned by the Telemundo network/NBC Universal, a subsidiary of NBC.


Just learned of another Spanish-language show, this one called "Los Angeles en Vivo," which airs on KRCA Channel 62 at 12:30 p.m. weekdays, spotlighting things to do. Reporter Cecilia Gonzalez told me that the magazine format program previews Latino-oriented and/or family-oriented events as well as covers them. KRCA, owned by Liberman Broadcasting, used to broadcast Asian-language programming and home shopping but now airs Spanish-language programing along with some late night English-language infomercials.


My esteemed colleague Sabrina Skacan told me that A&E has cancelled its long-running "Breakfast with the Arts," replacing it with "Private Sessions," an hour-long show featuring contemporary music acts, which made its debut July 22.

According to this story I found in Broadcasting & Cable, "The series, hosted by VH1 Classics' Lynn Hoffman, will feature popular musical acts in performances taped in New York and interspersed with interview footage. With guests like 22-year-old pop singer Avril Lavigne, country star Toby Keith and classic-rock belter Meat Loaf, Sessions is aimed squarely at the 18-54 demo. A&E has slated 14 episodes for 2007. The move to swap Sessions for Breakfast, which favored jazz, classical and Broadway music, is consistent with A&E's recent strategy of targeting younger viewers with action-packed reality shows and high-profile acquired dramas like 'The Sopranos.'"



Thanks to Carol Stevenson of Kevin/Ross Public Relations for passing on this info about a recent Bulldog Reporter report spotlighting Los Angeles Times science/health/medicine coverage. The piece quoted Science/Medicine editor Ashley Dunn as welcoming local and national pitches and saying that the paper's stories are syndicated through the Tribune-McClatchy news service.

Dunn oversees the science/medicine desk for breaking news, clinical trends and enterprise stories. The Bulldog story also mentioned the following writers and their beats (email addresses all

Consumer-health features for the Monday Health section:
Tami Dennis and Rosie Mestel

Healthcare business providers and payers:
Lisa Girion

Healthcare business pharma and biotech:
Daniel Costello

Global warming:
Alan Zarembo

Psychology and biotech:
Denise Gellene

Karen Kaplan

Infectious diseases:
Jia-Rui Chong

General medicine:
Thomas. H. Maugh II

Space exploration:
John Johnson

More from this story: "These are the main areas they're responsible for," [Dunn] explains, but they often back up each other and any might be called on to write about a particular topic. "Alan Zarembo is covering global warming, but he won't do that forever," Dunn notes. "He'll do that for a year or so and move back to medicine. Denise is covering psychology, but she's also our expert in anything to do with pharmaceuticals. Some stories on pharma issues are beyond our skill level, so we turn to Denise." He adds that "we all sit together. You don't have to worry about getting it to just the right person. When someone sees something interesting, they flag it for others."

Sunday, July 22, 2007

July 23, 2007 News

For those of you living in a cave who haven't already heard, LA Weekly axed Music Editor Kate Sullivan and replaced her with Randall Roberts, who has a message for us on his web site.

At Westways, Robin Jones is now managing editor, moving up from features editor and taking over the title from the departed (as in left the magazine) Danielle Pedersen. Brenda Tabor remains features editor, one of one rather than one of two.

I'm passing along this wonderful post with before-and-after shots of how Redbook mutilated retouched a cover photo of Faith Hill. And Jezebel has this link to a 2004 USA Today story on a similar topic.

LA Observed reports that Donnell Robertson is taking over the editor's job at New Angeles Monthly from Nikki Bazar, who is moving to Portland. Also, former LA Weekly staffer Alan Mittelstaedt moves to fill the departed Dean Kuipers's role as City Beat's news editor.

LA Times editorial staff directory was updated July 5. Someone finally got the memo about the Mike Penner-Christine Daniels situation.