Sunday, July 22, 2007

July 23, 2007 News

For those of you living in a cave who haven't already heard, LA Weekly axed Music Editor Kate Sullivan and replaced her with Randall Roberts, who has a message for us on his web site.

At Westways, Robin Jones is now managing editor, moving up from features editor and taking over the title from the departed (as in left the magazine) Danielle Pedersen. Brenda Tabor remains features editor, one of one rather than one of two.

I'm passing along this wonderful post with before-and-after shots of how Redbook mutilated retouched a cover photo of Faith Hill. And Jezebel has this link to a 2004 USA Today story on a similar topic.

LA Observed reports that Donnell Robertson is taking over the editor's job at New Angeles Monthly from Nikki Bazar, who is moving to Portland. Also, former LA Weekly staffer Alan Mittelstaedt moves to fill the departed Dean Kuipers's role as City Beat's news editor.

LA Times editorial staff directory was updated July 5. Someone finally got the memo about the Mike Penner-Christine Daniels situation.