Monday, June 18, 2007

June 18, 2007 News

Mia Sulpor has replaced Jill Tiernan as editor of Variety's V Page starting last week.

The L.A. Times' editorial staff directory on its web site claims to have been updated on June 6. Guess they forgot a few of the recently announced changes, most notably that sportswriter Mike Penner, listed in his old job as Morning Briefing writer, is now Christine Daniels. Features writer Kurt Streeter, just memo'd, per LA Observed, by Sports Editor Randy Harvey as joining his team, remains placed under the California section. And Lennie LaGuire, who took the buyout and is apparently consulting on the latest re-creation of West Magazine, is credited as being the senior calendar editor. Still, ahem, it's a generally useful resource for us PR types.

Since Julie Riggott left, Joe Piasecki is filling in as temporary A&E editor, and John Sollenberger remains calendar editor, not new entertainment editor as I was originally told.

A friend passes along a note from Pat McGuire, who reports that her co-editor, Chris Martins, is leaving Filter, Filter Mini/Filter Good Music Guide, and "to pursue his writing and other artistic/creative endeavors." Pat will be taking on the new title of Editor-In-Chief.
Pat McGuire, Editor-In-Chief
FILTER Magazine-FILTER Good Music Guide
5908 Barton Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90038

I recently updated my Daily News list, and will pass along these names in case your list isn't current. Nancy Dillon is lifestyle editor. Barbara Jones, in addition to being assigned to "reinvent journalism," (source: LA Observed) is still city editor, at least from what I was able to wring out of the oh-so-helpful (NOT) person who was taking city desk calls.

New morning host at KUSC 105.1 FM Classical Radio, Dennis Bartel, is actually broadcasting live (unlike other KUSC hosts – no complaint, just an observation). He gives weather and traffic reports, among other things.

Although Life Magazine stopped publishing in April, a Life web site will be launched by Time Inc. later this year.

LA Observed reported last week that Al Martinez's column returns to the LA Times on Mondays in the California section. No start date announced yet.