Tuesday, July 22, 2008

July 23, 2008 News


Forgive a little personal weeping, but I had to say goodbye this week to my friend Adam Crane, LA Phil PR Director, who is remarkable personally and professionally in so many ways. He's leaving L.A. to grace the St. Louis Symphony as Director of Communications, and he WILL be missed. A lot. A bunch of us were lucky enough to enjoy his farewell fest this week, attended by as many media-folk fans of Adam's as LA Phil/Hollywood Bowl folk.

Also there was just-laid-off LA Times writer Chris Pasles (there really can't be a nicer man), who's about to embark on a long-planned vacation. The good news is that he'll likely do some free-lance writing for the Times in 2009. We miss you already, Chris!


TellZell.com has a collection of "farewell" emails sent by axed LA Times staffers to their colleagues. Among my favorites is this from former Health section writer Janet Cromley. (NO apologies to Lee Abrams, ha ha.)

Subject: THINK PIECE!!!

Idea for saving (news)paper: What if every other word were RED? Then you could fit two stories in the space of one!

OR what if we printed the paper with DISAPPEARING INK? Green readers could tote the empty paper to Kinkos and get a refill. Whoa!! And what if we dispatched some, whatchacallit.writers, to FOREIGN-SOUNDING countries like PARIS or PEKING .and had them talk to people.and blackberry the news from there? Think about it.

And finally, if a reporter innovates a fond farewell in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it still sound like ... SO LONG, SUCKERS!!!???

Adios my dear friends,
Janet Cromley -- Sept 9, 1992 - July 18, 2008


WWD.com has a story on the…

soon-to-be-relaunched and already controversial monthly magazine, which has been quietly staffing up under Annie Gilbar, who a spokeswoman for the Times confirmed will serve as editor. The editorial team so far includes familiar names in the glossy magazine world, among others: Celebrity stylist Lori Goldstein began as fashion director on July 1 (though she is not working in the office full-time), and several former House & Garden staffers are either on staff or contributing part-time, including former Testy Tastemaker columnist Mayer Rus, contributing food editor Lora Zarubin and contributing senior editor Paul Fortune, according to several sources.

Read the full thing here.

A little tip from me: I can't completely confirm all of the above names (except for Annie Gilbar and Mayer Rus), but staffers at the mag, due in September, can be reached at firstname.lastname at the regular latimes.com address.