Friday, December 12, 2008

December 12, 2008 News

Got a tip that Features/Fashion Editor Kristin Young and web writer Lilliam Rivera are no longer at Angeleno and Angeleno Online, respectively. Was told when I checked with the magazine that Deputy Editor Jade Chang is taking over the features/fashion duties.

From an LA Times "auto reply":

Sheigh Crabtree is no longer with Los Angeles Times Interactive. Please direct all inquiries, pitches and requests for and to Joseph A. Kapsch- Executive Producer, Entertainment. Joseph.Kapsch at you-know-where.

NPR cancels "News & Notes" and "Day to Day," as of March 20, 2009. Full memo with details from LA Observed.

This from the Washington Post:

Some of those losing their jobs are veteran NPR voices, such as Ketzel Levine, an NPR reporter since 1977, and Vicky O'Hara, an editor and former diplomatic correspondent with 26 years on the job. Others include "News & Notes" host Farai Chideya, "Day to Day" host Madeleine Brand, Washington reporter Libby Lewis, entertainment-industry correspondent Kim Masters and national reporter John McChesney. About half the 64 people cut are journalists.

Interesting news… reassigned Cleveland Plain Dealer Classical Music Critic Don Rosenberg...

…who was removed from his post at The Cleveland Plain Dealer after a history of negative reviews of the Cleveland Orchestra’s music director, struck back on Thursday with a lawsuit.

New York Times story here.

From Gary Scott's blog late last week:

Three Daily News reporters lost their jobs: prep sportswriter Gerry Gittelson, 11-year film critic Glenn Whipp and reporter Justino Aguila. That comes in addition to the departure of Antelope Valley reporter Karen Maeshiro, who quit after the AV section closed. She was told she could stay on at the paper, but only if she commuted to Woodland Hills.

I'm also told the DN Travel section will fold and that travel writer Eric Noland will be reassigned to the metro desk. LANG sports editor Kevin Modesti has also been reassigned as a metro reporter.