Monday, May 4, 2009

May 4, 2009 News

Nice to see some good LA media outlets among the Western Publishing Association's Maggie Award winners, including LA Weekly, Sunset, Where Los Angeles (way to go, Benjamin!), and the late LA Stage. Full list here.

Thanks to LA Observed for passing on this info from, the Santa Clarita Valley blog. Take the link for more details.

A brand new, locally-owned and locally-staffed newspaper will be coming soon to newsracks near you.

Jay Harn, former publisher at The Signal, has told SCVTalk that he’s launching a weekly newspaper called the Santa Clarita Valley Independent.

The 30-40 page weekly tabloid-style paper will feature original news, sports and entertainment stories as well as opinion pieces.

Looks like my zip code is too low class for the LA Times' monthly magazine to be included in my paper (loyal subscriber that I am!), but I found it online here. I'll probably take the time to read Howard Rosenman's remembrance of Leonard Bernstein, but nothing else caught my interest. Still, what are the odds I would have read more – and viewed their ads – if I'd gotten the paper version? Inquiring advertisers might want to know.

Got this tip today, not connected to the above paragraph, but certainly relevant. Looks like the LA Times will offer a product for "the rest of us" (subscribers, anyway). Reference to this LA Etcetera made in John T. O'Loughlin's memo quoted in this post.

The Los Angeles Times is launching LA Etcetera, a new weekly lifestyle magazine, on May 10. Its coverage will include entertainment, fashion, food, shopping and the nightlife of Southern California. The magazine will be home-delivered to Times subscribers with the newspaper’s Sunday edition.

Initial circulation will be 480,000. LA Etcetera is being produced by the editorial staff of the newspaper’s monthly magazine, LA, with Annie Gilbar as editor in chief.