Monday, October 19, 2009

October 19, 2009 News

Thanks to the wonderful Lucy Pollak for passing along the latest arts contacts from the LA Times, with the caveat that “this is still all in flux for now.”

Kelly Scott - Theater
Sherry Stern - Dance and Music
Bret Israel - Art & Architecture

In other LA Times news, the magazine is taken back under the newsroom’s control and Editor Annie Gilbar is let go, with Nancie Clare, previously deputy editor, assuming Annie’s title. Read the press release here.

And according to Cision:

Martin Miller has been named TV editor at the Los Angeles Times. He most recently was an assistant arts and entertainment editor for the daily and before that, he was a television staff writer. He also has covered health and lifestyle and was a writer in the features department.

Thanks also to Larry Mayer, who passes this along…

KCSN dropped ALL classical music announcers and is now automated, at least from 6am -6pm weekdays.

Writer Steven Mikulan is gone from LA Weekly. Details here.