Monday, January 25, 2010

January 25, 2010 News


1. Thanks to Ann Brenoff for this one: has a terrific feature that displays daily newspaper front pages from around the country when you hover/click on a location in their US map.

2. A non-publicist friend posted a link to this site, PDFmyURL, which turns any web site page into a PDF for easy printing, etc. It's PERFECT for web sites that don't print as they appear on the monitor!

Speaking of useful web sites, and I believe I've mentioned this before,, is an online database where subscribers can join to get access to fashion and beauty PR contacts as well as information on wardrobe stylists, hairstylists and make up artists and their celebrity clients. President and co-Founder Kristen Steinhilber Calavas adds a position to her plate: PR Consultant for Serfontaine Denim, a brand that also works with Preface PR in Los Angeles for showroom services.

Thanks to Trevor Thomas for letting me know that Robert Nesti is the new EDGE publications assignment editor for all theater reviews. Kevin Mark Kline, who previously handled that, is now operations manager.

Also, EDGE Publications' new address is:
434 Massachusetts Avenue
Boston, MA 02118
617-422-0707 (main)
617-391-0883 (fax)

This tip comes courtesy of Flo Selfman (thanks!) from Brad Pomerance:

Dear Friends:

As you may remember, I host "Local Edition," which is a five-minute interview interstitial that airs on CNN HLN in Southern California. As part of "Local Edition," we launched our franchise "Celebrities With A Cause," where I interview celebrities about their involvement in charitable, philanthropic and humanitarian organizations.

Well I am pleased to report that while we are of course continuing our Celebrity franchise on "Local Edition," we are expanding it on "Special Edition." Special Edition is a 1/2 hour interview program that will air throughout Southern California in homes served by Charter. So for those celebrities that would like the opportunity to highlight their involvement in their favorite causes, we now have a full thirty minutes to enlighten our viewers. All we ask is that the celebrity's representatives work with us to gather as much compelling still and moving b-roll to help bring the interview segments to life.

If one of your celebrity clients would be interested in joining us for such a thirty-minute interview, please contact me at your convenience.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

With much appreciation,

Brad Pomerance
Host, Local Edition &
Special Edition

Brad's email is bradpomerance.

And finally, a one-day-after "Happy Birthday" shout out to my esteemed colleague, the ultra-wonderful Libby Huebner.