Friday, December 31, 2010

January 4, 2011 NEWS

Happy new year!
A few tidbits to start off 2011...

From the December 31 Beverly Hills Courier:

Today The Courier is wishing a fond farewell to Assistant Editor Amanda Peabody who joins L.A.-based Advanced Star as a managing editor of its B2B magazine.

As of Friday, they hadn't yet hired a replacement.


LA Observed reported on December 10 that Dana Harris left Variety to join IndieWire as editor-in-chief. On December 27, it posted that Daily News writer Troy Anderson, who covered the county Hall of Administration, has left the paper; more details HERE.


From (former) LA Weekly Art Critic Doug Harvey's Facebook page on December 20:
It looks like I won't be writing for the LA WEEKLY anymore. After 13 years I was unceremoniously dumped - they're not even printing the last piece I completed under Tom Christie's watch. Well now at least I'll have time to finish my screenplay. I'll just open this golden parachute... what the ... Spam?!! Aieeeeeeeeeeee!

LA Observed noted yesterday that Harvey "announced that he will begin writing for The Nation." LA Times has MORE.

And, in case you hadn't heard previously, Tom Christie, who was LA Weekly features editor, has been gone for some time.