Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March 16, 2011 NEWS


Selected paragraphs from TechCrunch story:

John Montorio has been named Culture and Entertainment Editor for Aol's Huffington Post Media Group content division.

Montorio is a 30-year veteran of two of the country's biggest newspapers - the New York Times and LA Times - but that's not why his hiring is news-worthy. It's news-worthy because it represents a dramatic shift in favour of real journalism within Aol.

Hiring someone with Montorio's skills means one of two things for the Huffington Post: either a bold step away from Bieber-filled headlines towards quality coverage of the arts, culture and entertainment - or a train-wreck waiting to happen as Armstrong and the Aol bean counters try to force their "Lady Gaga pantsless in Paris" agenda.

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LOTS ABOUT AOL (and publicists!) IN THE NEWS...

...including THIS from Fishbowl LA, also reported elsewhere, headlined "Moviefone Defends Asking TechCrunch Writer to Appease Movie Studio by Altering Story."


Julio Martinez's "Arts in Review" program on KPFK moves this week from Wednesdays to Fridays.



Got this auto reply from American Theatre Magazine:

Thanks for your message. Randy Gener is no longer on staff at Theatre Communications Group. Please redirect all communications regarding American Theatre magazine to editor-in-chief Jim O'Quinn at jim@ or managing editor Nicole Estvanik Taylor at ntaylor@.

Email addresses are

Fishbowl LA broke the NEWS that Angeleno Magazine hires Lesley McKenzie as its new editor-in-chief. She was previously deputy editor of Los Angeles Confidential.

LA Observed has LA Times television reporter Maria Elena Fernandez's resignation email, which READS in part, "I cannot work under these hostile work conditions anymore. Calendar has become a complete nightmare to work in, and it is just time to go."

Fernandez also SAID MORE to Fishbowl LA.