Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April 19, 2011 News

Christina Elston replaces Carolyn Graham as editor of L.A. Parent.


Got this email auto-reply from Seth Walls, formerly an arts writer at Newsweek:

Hello! April 14 is/was my last day at the Newsweek Daily Beast Company. Thanks to everyone (who knew me) for the things that were good (which were many). Let's all promise to keep in touch via the various social networking platforms that also make us semi-sick of the world.


Beverly Hills Courier update:

1) News Editor Adam Popescu is no longer on the masthead
2) Tricia Arend is announced in the April 25 issue as a new staff writer
3) Marcia Hobbs' title in the masthead now says "Associate Publisher and Editor."


Here are some excerpts from a press release I got today:

At a time when magazines and print publications are giving way to their digital counterparts, C A R S O N Magazine is launching its first issue this May which not only showcases the power of extraordinary journalism, but also features David Carson’s iconic graphic design, vision and artistry. Packing the visual excitement that carries back to the early days of such trendsetting publications as Interview and Ray Gun, combined with provocative and distinctive journalism, C A R S O N is both thought-provoking and stimulating, while providing an artistic vision which separates it from any magazines past or current.

“We have set out to create a magazine people will actually want to hold, turn the pages, read and share with others,” explains Alex Storch, Editor-in-Chief. “We all love the immediacy of digital assets, but our goal is to bring back the visual excitement a reader had when they picked up an issue of Ray Gun, while providing the thought-provoking reading featured in such iconic magazines as Vanity Fair and the New Yorker. With each issue, we are going to give writers and visionaries a home on the printed page. We will pair their stories and essays with cutting-edge art and graphic design; the result is a truly new vision for a magazine in the 21st century.”

There's more HERE on their site.