Wednesday, September 17, 2008

September 18, 2008 News

LAIst previews former LA Times writer Kevin Bronson's soon-to-debut Buzz Bands music blog.

Michael Jackson is gone from KGIL radio, replaced by conservative commentator Laura Ingraham's syndicated talk show. The OC Register's radio blog has this:

Missing is Michael Jackson, whose one-year contract was not renewed. Jackson learned of his dismissal when he returned home Sept. 10 from an Alaska cruise ship trip.

He e-mailed, "No comment, save to say that I found the staff delightful and I had a most enjoyable year. The rest of the story will be told (not by me), very soon. Be well."

KGIL management had no additional comment.

From Christian Chensvold about his web site:

FineArtsLA is sort of in limbo… the site is for sale, if you know anyone who might be interested. The buyer would get:

---An established site already respected by the Opera, Phil, Ballet, and smaller groups, so the buyer can get immediate press passes and access to talent for interviews.

---Plus the Forty Unders program, which has great potential for partnerships in the community, etc.

Even though this site was inconsistently updated, it would be a shame for yet another outlet for arts coverage to disappear, so contact Christian if you are interested in discussing this or know anyone that would. It's Christian@