Thursday, September 4, 2008

September 5, 2008 News

Did you see the news about ALL of KCSN's programs being cancelled? It's on LA Observed, which called its post "Programming slaughter at KCSN."

This rather odd memo with all kinds of TMI came from the LA Times announcing wizards a week or so ago, but the news is basically that the LA Times' Donna Frazier, a perfectly nice person, has been named Image section executive editor.

Not sure when this happened, but Abigail Lewis replaced Avital Binshtock as editor of Valley Life Magazine. New email address is: ValleyLifeMag@. I learned separately that Avital is now doing the LA Times Travel section "Tours & Cruises" column as a free-lancer.

Amanda Peabody replaces Beige Adams at the Beverly Hills Courier and Design Magazine. Email at is apeabody@. Editor Marcia Hobbs reports the magazine's expansion into fashion coverage as well.

Wall Street Journal's new lifestyle magazine WSJ. (note the ridiculous period) debuts Saturday, and you'll find the LA Times' new magazine LA (no periods that I'm aware of) in your paper on Sunday. Can't WAIT to read about Kid Rock. Not.